Every year, more than 450 Darien Boy Scouts, family and friends come together to put on an enormous community event. This year was no different as the 42nd annual Boy Scout Tag Sale took place last Sunday. It's a truly amazing event, which could never happen without the hard work and dedication of our tireless volunteers, but most importantly, not without our extremely generous donors, our more than 2,500 shoppers, and our graciously patient and understanding neighbors. The success of this yearly sale enables us to keep our cabin, property and Scouting programs running smoothly for another year.

We owe thanks to the entire community: the Darien police for working closely with us to direct traffic and ensure safety on and off our property; Rings End Lumber for donated materials and use of its parking lot; members of our town's fire departments and Post 53 for ensuring public safety at the event; Coon's parking lot for volunteer parking; Vernals Service for assistance with car sales; the local papers for timely and thorough coverage; and local businesses for posting fliers.

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We work hard to refine and perfect reusing, recycling and reducing waste. More than a dozen charities come in after the sale gathering truckloads of items that can benefit their agencies. Then we bring back our volunteers to sort the remnants for swap shop and recycling. Special thanks this year to Jayme Stevenson and Dot Kelly for their guidance with our recycling plan and Junkluggers for their benevolence with men and trucks to cart away our recycling and garbage.

It's a win-win for everyone. Donors declutter; shoppers find bargains; charities receive goods; plastics, metals and glass are recycled; and what little that's left afterwards, that is truly not usable, is then disposed of. Scouts learn many things in the process, a recycling mantra, the workings of an enormous event and dealing with the public, all while ensuring the sustainability of scouting in Darien. We thank everyone for the ongoing support.

Leslie Pennington

Linda Yim

Susan Doelp

Maria Sullivan


2014 Darien Scouts Tag Sale