As wedding season approaches a local Zumba studio invites brides-to-be to take part in Bridal Zumba.

When bride-to-be-Lynn Feinberg started taking Zumba classes with certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor Darah Velesbir, she was looking to lose pounds, inches, tone up and get honeymoon swimsuit ready all at the same time. After participating in Zumba, Feinberg is looking her best; she is wedding ready and swears by Zumba.

"I wanted to lose weight and get ready for my wedding day. After taking Zumba regularly, I feel great and I am really looking forward to my day and my honeymoon," she said. "Any bride can, if they just start now."

Her bridesmaids, Suzy Armstrong and Mia Perovetz are also in full Bridal Zumba mode.

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"We started taking Zumba with Lynn as a show of support, and now we are feeling great, seeing positive changes," Armstrong said. "We can't wait to get into one of Allure's beautiful dresses this summer."

"When Darah came into my store, she said, `I love your wonderful gowns and dresses and I want to partner my dance classes with your clients. I see brides-to-be taking Zumba and getting ready for their weddings, creating a healthy platform from which to start their new lives'," Doug McCall, owner of Allure Bridal & Florist, 850 High Ridge Road in Stamford said. "I had to say OK because Darah has such a charisma and commitment to what she is doing. She loves teaching Zumba to women. And after seeing a class in action, I see her clients feel the same way. And it's great synergy with the store and the beginning of the wedding season."

Velesbir shares her view on being a women and getting ready for the Big Day.

"I know firsthand the pressures that society puts on women in general, and it gets amplified during the wedding process. The classes that I teach make sense, given that so many women leave my classes walking taller and prouder, no longer apologizing for their bodies," she said. "I create toned, confident woman; comfortable in their curves. My clients tell me they feel better about their appearance in just a month or two and experience a profound alteration in their bodies and sense of well being in under a year It only makes sense to teach this program to brides-to-be, their bridemaids and their mothers too. They Zumba together, get fit and create a bond that hopefully lasts well beyond the wedding reception."

At 6:30 p.m, Monday through Friday, the unmistakable beat of Zumba music echoes from the old Arthur Murray Dance studio. The dancers, in colorful and festive Zumba attire, arrive. The rhythm take over as Velesbir launches into the first number, "Oh la Ley," a meringue sounding dance tune with just a hint of hip hop. The class eats it up, surrounded by blinking, flashing disco lights and mirrors that run from floor to ceiling. The mood set, Velesbir and her staff run the class for one breathless hour of shimmying and shaking, sweating and laughing.

Velesbir's son Tristan collects the $10 class fee at the door. Need a Zumba dance shirt, skirt or cap? He has those too, for $20, in all sizes and a wide array fun and vibrant colors. Once class is underway, the creative 14-year-old entrepreneur prepares to shoot video which he will put up at

"This is the best bang for your buck," Velesbir said. "It's like clubbing without the club scene. You can burn up to 700 calories in my class and not even know it. That's the beauty of Zumba. Don't call it fitness, call it dance fun. We are supporting health and well being, and are having a great time doing it. Lose weight, feel great and be the best bride you can be on your wedding day and night."