NEW HAVEN — Given how much fun each of them are, Greater New Haven sees entirely too little of both roots rock trio The Bandidos and its sister band, The Hickups, which adds vocalist Kriss Santala (as well as Chris Merk) to the mix.

That’s just too bad — but it’s a problem that will be rectified, at least for now, on Feb. 3 when The Hickups and The Bandidos double up for a show at Cafe Nine.

Showtime — beginning with The Bandidos — is 9 p.m. Admission is $7, available in advance at or at the door. Cafe Nine is located at 250 State St., at the corner of State and Crown.

The Bandidos, which has been a band since 1992, includes Bob Elliot, the onetime and sometime bass player for B. Willie Smith, on bass and vocals; James Montez, guitarist for The Chryslers, Dance Committee and a slew of other area bands, on guitar and vocals; and Tom Smith, drummer for a seemingly inexhaustable list of bands, including Bronson Rock, The Tommys, Happy Ending and my own The Cobalt Rhythm Kings, on drums and vocals.

In live shows The Bandidos play everything from dusty roots rock to Texas and Chicago blues, surf rave-ups and country swing, among other things. Montez is known far and wide for his vintage guitar tone.

The Hickups, at least in its current country swing incarnation, is basically The Bandidos with Santala — a well-known local chanteuse (and sometimes bass player) who has played with bands ranging from The Who Whos to The Danglers to The Honeydews — up front.

Soon after the band first formed, Merk also was added as a member. First-call sax player Bill Holloman, who played on The Hickups’ one CD, also has been known to stop by from time to time.