Middlesex Middle School is the location of the popular S4 -- Successful Study Skills 4 Students program this summer.

Time management, executive functioning and organizational skills are the essential foundation for academic success, allowing students to be more confident and better prepared for high school, while providing the critically needed tools for life beyond.

As a parent, do you feel your child had a good academic year? Is your child prepared for the next academic year? Is he confident in his time management skills? Does she have good strategies for long term test preparation? Does your student know how to take good notes, either in a classroom or from a text book? Did your child know when homework assignments were due? And by when? If you are looking to answer these questions, S4 may be for you.

Recognizing that many middle and school students need additional support in study skills, time management, organization, and executive functioning, Middlesex Middle School will be the site of the popular S4 -- Successful Study Skills 4 Students workshops. This workshop, offered several times this academic year was completely full.

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Based on school, parent and most importantly student feedback, this summer's workshops have been expanded to 7-and-a-half hours to provide more in-depth instruction in key areas such as time-management, organization, and test preparation.

Designed to work with school curriculum, students will actively learn how to apply the taught tools, systems and techniques to their class work, homework and throughout their entire current academic curriculum.

"Study skills are the critical and necessary foundation for academic success," Michelle Sagalyn, president of S4 said. "We are pleased to once again offer the S4 workshops at Middlesex this summer so that area middle school students can take advantage of these important tools."

Taught by accredited and engaging teachers, the S4 program is based entirely on educational research and proven benchmark studies. The goal of the S4 workshop is to equip students with the skills they need to be successful learners and students

In a highly participatory and lively presentation, students learn skills and tools they can use in school -- and in life. With an accessible, logical and easy-to-implement system, S4 offers a template for students' success -- both in and outside of school. Key taught tools and skills of the program include:

Goal Setting & Time Management

Notetaking Methods

The Importance of Asking Questions

Understanding Main Ideas

Understanding Important Details

Active Reading Strategies

Generating Effective Questions

Using Pictures & Graphic Organizers

Summarizing to Learn

Notebook Organization

Limited class size ensures participation in specific interactive activities designed to reinforce the skills taught and engage even the most reluctant student.

The 7-and-a-half hour 5-session S4 workshops will be held at Middlesex Middle School the week of Aug. 15 to 19 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. The fee is $395. To register, visit http://tinyurl.com/MMS-Aug2011. The workshop is limited to 15 students.

For a complete listing of all of S4's study skills workshops in the area, visit SuccessfulStudySkills4Students.com.

S4 will supply all materials, including a take-home folder which includes the entire outline of the workshop and other material for parental support.

More information may be obtained by calling S4 at 203-30-S-K-I-L-L (307-5455), or by emailing: info@SuccessfulStudySkills4Students.com.

S4 is a private organization that works in affiliation with schools. S4's mission is to provide students with knowledge and strategies as to how to incorporate, apply time management, organization and executive functioning across their school activities and into their adult life.