An overnight freeze-up has created slippery conditions on the roads Wednesday morning.

Temperatures that dropped into the teens and 20s froze Tuesday’s snow, sleet and slush.

While major roads like I-95, I-84, I-91 and the Merritt and Wilbur Cross parkways are clear, entrance and exit ramps remain slippery.

Extra caution and reduced speeds are advised because slippery conditions can suddenly appear on the roads.

Many secondary and local roads still have a light coating of snow that fell overnight.

Roads are also narrower after plows pushed the snow on the sides of the streets.

With many schools closed Wednesday, there should be lighter traffic volume on the roads.

Sidewalks and driveways are also very slippery this morning.

And, if your vehicle was not parked inside a garage give yourself some extra time to clear ice and snow on the vehicle.

Connecticut hunkers down from nor’easter

Media: Connecticut Post US

You you can get a $120 fine if your vehicle is not cleared of ice and snow; having an obstructed view will cost you $92 more.

The state Department of Transportation is reporting no major accident early Wednesday morning.