Kathleen M. Bothfeld, 47, of 57 Hale Lane was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after her neighbor told police Bothfeld threatened to remove her religious sign from her front door.

According to the affidavit filed in Stamford Superior Court, Bothfeld and the complainant have had numerous verbal disputes, including two previous incidents in which police were called.

The complainant said she pulled into her driveway on Aug. 10 and saw Bothfeld walking her dog. According to the affidavit, Bothfeld yelled to the complainant, "That's your shalom sign outside? I'm going to make sure your shalom sign is coming down, [expletive], your shalom sign is coming down, [expletive]."

The complainant told Bothfeld not to speak to her and then called police.

Police said no one witnessed the exchange between the two women.

When an officer interviewed the complainant, "she made it clear that Bothfeld's statements had annoyed her and offended her religious beliefs," according to the affidavit.

The officer said he went to Bothfeld's apartment on two occasions in an effort to get her side of the story. When asked what happened, Bothfeld said, "I told her I was going to take that [expletive] sign down."

She then told the officer that she would only continue the conversation if she could tape record it, to which he agreed. According to the affidavit, the officer noticed her eyes were glassy and she admitted to drinking "two glasses of wine."

Bothfeld, an attorney, began recording the conversation, according to the affidavit, but the officer said she continually spoke over him and did not answer his questions.

During a second attempt to speak with Bothfeld, the officer said he observed her walking in front of the complainant's condo unit stating "you're here because of that [expletive] and pointed at the complainant's condo unit. Police said she then stuck up both middle fingers at the complainant's condo.

Bothfeld agreed to go with the officer to her condo and initially agreed to provide a sworn written statement. However, she then stated, "I want to know what she said," and "I take the fifth amendment." Police said she refused to speak to the officer on this occasion.

During a third attempt to speak with Bothfeld, she went to Darien Police Headquarters and provided a sworn written statement regarding the incident.

She claimed she was walking her dog when the complainant began swearing at her. She admitted that she told the complainant that she would remove the shalom sign and planter on her front door. She also admitted to calling the complainant a "tenant in bad standing." She also said the complainant swore at her a second time.

The affidavit stated that during the officers' first two attempts to interview Bothfeld, she never indicated that the complainant initiated the dialogue.

The warrant was issued for her arrest and she was released on a promise to appear.

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