George Reilly, chairman of the Police Department Building Committee, delivered his final report to the Board of Selectmen Monday evening.

After hearing of the need of space reports in 2006 it was determined that the Darien Police Headquarters needed an expansion. In spring of 2008 the Police Department went to the Representative Town Meeting and received authorization for $17.9 million.

In October 2008 the police department went out to bid but "it was not a fortuitous time," Reilly said, and the project went on hiatus until fall of 2010.

Construction began in February 2011, and Reilly said the work was completed "precisely on time."

The facilities have been occupied since July 2012, and the shooting range is the only facility that has been slow to come online.

"I believe it is now being used," Reilly said.

He said that he had the highest regards for the architects on the project.

"They're an expert at police facilities," Reilly said. He also said he would like to give kudos to the construction manager, and that Police Chief Duane Lovello "was a star throughout this."

"I'm pretty sure he was a construction worker in his last life, or earlier in this one," Reilly said.

Though the police department hasn't officially hosted an open house, Reilly said he hopes to have one in the spring.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson thanked Reilly for his dedication to this project, and acknowledged past administrations for holding on capital projects "when they felt it was prudent to do so because the town benefited tremendously."; 203-972-4407;

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