The building department has received additional funds to hire two part-time building inspectors after seeing a significant increase in building permit applications.

The Board of Finance approved the $11,200 transfer request for the hiring of two part-time building inspectors.

The increase in building activity in Darien, according to a memo from Peter Solheim, the building official, to the selectmen, has increased to the point that the limited resources within the building department are not capable of handing all the permit requests.

The number of building permits in town have increased 23 percent from fiscal year 2011-12 to 2012-13.

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"The work load in the building department is such that they need some part time assistance," said Kate Buch, the finance director, at the Tuesday, July 18, Board of Finance meeting.

The part-time inspectors will work two days per week until November.

The contracts will be re-assessed before that time, according to Buch, to determine if the workload is high enough to maintain the inspectors.

The transferred funds would be added to the already budgeted amount allowed for one per diem inspector to be hired this month.; 203-330-6583; @Meg_DarienNews