The Pollan family, authors of the new cookbook "The Pollan Family Table," will be the featured speakers on May 6 at 7 p.m. at Darien Library

Corky Pollan, who had a career as the style director of Gourmet magazine and the Best Bets editor at New York magazine, wrote the book with her three daughters, Dana, Tracy and Lori.

"Family Table" stems from a Pollan family tradition of sitting down together for dinner every night. The shared family meal inspired Corky's daughters to carry the tradition into their adult lives, making it a point to cook and share meals with their own families. But the sisters found themselves routinely calling each other (or mom) for recipe ideas. So each night, they would trade recipes and cooking tips -- which they have now decided to share with others.

The result was "The Pollan Family Table," which offers 110 Pollan family recipes, cooking techniques, and the pantry wisdom needed to create "delicious, wholesome and harmonious family meals."

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