NORWALK -- A judge reduced a former Darien man's bond by almost $200,000 after his attorney said on Tuesday that the man's jilted girlfriend trumped up allegations that landed his client in jail Monday for assault and threatening.

At the Tuesday bond hearing for Whitney Wilcox, 27, of 97 Richards Ave., Norwalk, Judge Maureen Dennis dropped Wilcox's bond to $52,500.

Wilcox was charged Monday with two counts of third-degree assault, two counts of unlawful restraint and interfering with a 911 call.

Wilcox, who has no criminal record, was held overnight by Norwalk police on $250,000 bond.

The arrest stems from a complaint Wilcox's girlfriend and her parents made to police Jan. 8.

The complaint alleges that Wilcox, who while in California for a short time carried on a long distance relationship with the Norwalk woman before retuning east, became enraged on New Year's Eve after visiting the girl's parents in Stamford.

Sometime before midnight on New Year's Eve after the two returned home to Richards Avenue, Wilcox became angry at the disrespect he was getting from his girlfriend's parents, Sgt. Lisa Cotto said.

He began throwing things around the apartment and grabbed his girlfriend by the throat and threw her down to the ground, Cotto said.

On Jan. 2, Wilcox became enraged again and grabbed his 28-year-old girlfriend by the throat once again, Cotto said. When the woman tried to call 911, he allegedly grabbed the cell phone out of her hand and smashed it on the floor, Cotto said.

He then went into the bedroom and brought out a gun that he cocked and uncocked while telling her that he was going to go to her parents home and kill them, Cotto said.

The woman said she did not know what to do, but finally went to police headquarters six days later to make a complaint, Cotto said.

After Norwalk police obtained a warrant for his arrest, Wilcox was spotted driving into his apartment complex early Monday evening, Cotto said.

After getting out of the car, Wilcox was cooperative with police, Cotto said. During a search of his car, police turned up a small amount of crack cocaine and marijuana, Cotto said.

Wilcox admitted to police that he owns a pellet gun, and a search of his apartment revealed they he had no other weapons there, Cotto said. He was additionally charged with possession of narcotics.

At his bond hearing at the Norwalk courthouse, Wilcox's attorney Matthew Maddox said his client's girlfriend has been stubbornly refusing to break up with Wilcox for months.

Maddox questioned why Wilcox's girlfriend waited six days to tell police about the abuse and the alarming threats to her family.

He said that when Wilcox was able to get the girlfriend to agree to move out on Jan. 8, she told him, "I'm going to ruin your life for this." Maddox said that the girl even sent Wilcox a text that same day saying he did not have much time left to reconsider the break up.

Maddox also said that despite having spent hours at the Norwalk police department making the complaint, Wilcox's former girlfriend did not sign a sworn statement detailing the allegations because she told police that her stomach was upset.

Maddox said there was nothing in Wilcox's past that would lead anyone to believe he was capable of what his girlfriend alleges.

Dennis issued a protective order prohibiting Wilcox from contacting his former girlfriend or her family. He must also undergo drug and alcohol evaluation and counseling as well as participate in mental health evaluation and treatment.