Chicken Cacciatore, lamb kabobs with couscous, vegetable lasagna, roast beef with Lyonaise potatoes, seafood gumbo, meat loaf with mashed potatoes -- all complete with a vegetable side and dessert. No, you're not eating at Mario Batali's latest hot spot. These delicacies and more are prepared by Master Chef Tom Mirto, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, for local seniors at the Mather Center. And not only are the meals nutritious and delicious, but they are an just $4 each.

Research shows that eating your main meal at noontime, especially as you grow older, has actual health benefits. People have more time to digest and metabolize the meal. Eating lighter fare in the evening meal can aid in a better night's sleep and help with weight control.

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Eating at the center also has the added benefit of socializing with peers and attending some of the wonderful programming offered before or after lunch.

Call in for the center's weekly menu on Mondays 203-656- 7490. To reserve a meal, call by 11:15 a.m. the day of. Lunch is served at noon sharp.