Showers, which buffeted the region overnight, are again possible later today, according to the National Weather Service.

Under cloudy skies, the odds of more precipitation across southwestern Connecticut are greatest after 5 p.m. The daytime high temperature is expected to rise to the mid-60s with an east wind between 8 and 15 mph.

Tonight, there remains a chance of showers, mainly before 10 p.m. as the temperature dips to a low in the upper-40s. There will be a northeast wind between 9 and 16 mph.

The NWS also warns there is a chance of minor coastal flooding during the high-tide period from 10 p.m. tonight to 2 a.m. tomorrow.

Tomorrow, there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon, while skies remain cloudy and the temperature rises into the upper-60s. Possible precipitation is in the forecast for tomorrow night as the temperature registers a low of about 50 degrees.

On Wednesday, the NWS says there is an afternoon chance of showers and thunderstorms, while the high temperature reaches the upper-60s. Unsettled conditions are expected to prevail again Wednesday night with a low temperature in the upper-50s.

The outlook for Thursday, according to the weather service, is cloudy skies, more showers and thunderstorms possible and temperatures rising to the low-70s.