On Saturday morning, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson told residents that Darien "weathered Storm Nemo very well. No power outages yet but the wind is strong so we are monitoring. No trees down, no blocked roads. All primary and secondary roads have been opened. No medical emergencies or fires.

"This morning, the governor extended his travel ban to include all roads, not just limited-access roads. This is to help insure public safety and to allow road crews to do their work with limited challenge.

"Snow clearing efforts will continue throughout the day and into tomorrow. As with any significant snow event, snow will need to be removed from parking lots and moved to large open spaces like the transfer station and Pear Tree Beach parking lot. Contractors will be brought in to assist with this effort.

"We continue to clear and salt train platforms in anticipation of Metro-North resuming service as soon as they are able. Bus service is suspended today as well.

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"While snow has tapered off, moderate winds will continue and temperatures will be falling throughout the night, which is of concern for road safety and for those who are vulnerable to the cold. Marc McEwan, Olive Hauser and I are closely monitoring this. There has been no call to open a shelter and we don't anticipate doing so unless we have power outages.

She also acknowledged the work of the Department of Public Works, the police and fire departments, and emergency medical services. "Darien is in far better shape than many of our peer towns due, in large part, to their diligence."