At its annual meeting, the board of directors of Aging in Place+Gallivant elected Nancy Herling as its president, succeeding Dorothy Baker.

Also elected as officers weree Peter Eder and Ann Mandel, vice presidents; Debby McLean, treasurer; and Maureen Tyrrell, secretary.

Newly elected to the board were Bill Ball, Diane Barston, Cindy Heck and Cathy Sullivan. All four will serve for three years. Charles Seidler Jr. has retired from the board.

Additionally, Executive Director Gina Blum gave an update on the scope and services of the organization, and shared stories of the people who have benefited from the organization.

"Our goal is to increase the use of our services," Blum said.

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"While our numbers are impressive as a startup organization, there are more people out there who can and should take advantage of our free services."

Aging in Place+ Gallivant provides transportation, vetted service providers, volunteers, programs, social opportunities, communications, and advice and referral services to Darien seniors and their families.

The board meeting, which took place at the Darien Library, was attended by state and local elected officials, community service providers, members, donors and guests.

Herling said, "We appreciate the extensive community support we have been given, and we look forward to even more meaningful involvement with seniors and their families. We want to keep Darien a safe and enjoyable community for all ages."

For information, call 203-585-4094 or visit