Cove Island Park, badly battered by October's Hurricane Sandy, suffered another setback last week when a broken underground sewer line sent raw sewage bubbling to the surface.

"It was discovered that there was a minor break in the sewer line from Darien at the east end of Cove Island to the Darien border," a message on the city's website said. "Please do not walk or allow your pets in this area."

The Water Pollution Control Authority was not at fault for the sewage bypass, which occurred in Stamford but came from a sewer line maintained by neighboring Darien. The town is under contract with Stamford's WPCA, and pays the facility to treat its wastewater.

A visitor walking in Cove Island Park noticed raw sewage seeping out of the ground and called city officials. Darien officials responded immediately and excavated the sewage line, said William Brink, the WPCA's interim executive director.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection supervised Darien's response at Cove Island Park, Public Safety Director Ted Jankowski said. It is not known when the leak, caused by a break in one of the line's couplings, started or how much sewage was bypassed.

DEEP Sanitary Engineer Carlos Esguerra said state officials estimate 4,000 gallons of sewage leaked during a 24-hour period. Darien public works officials bypassed the line, but were waiting for a part to be delivered from Texas before they can fully fix the infrastructure.

"There's still a trickle of sewage that's escaping this pipe, but they hope to have that pipe 100 percent repaired by early next week," Esguerra said. "The Department of Aquaculture, the Department of Public Health -- we all know about it."

Stamford's WPCA treats about 19 million gallons of wastewater a day.; 203-964-2263;