Two additional classes are needed to accommodate the increasing enrollment at Holmes Elementary School, according to a report from Assistant Superintendent Judith Pandolfo, pushing the total number of sections to 112 for the 2013-14 school year.

"At Holmes, the kindergarten enrollment came in much higher than projected right from the get-go," Pandolfo said.

One class will be added for kindergarten and one for fourth grade.

Additionally, at Ox Ridge Elementary School, there is one less class for first grade, but an additional class is needed for fifth grade.

"When you look at the enrollment, it's interesting that our Oct. 1, 2013, projections are what we had on July 30," Pandolfo said. "The reality is, though, that the distribution of them is very different, but that's usually the case."

Heather Shea, Board of Education member, further explained at the July 22 Board of Selectmen meeting the growing and changing enrollment patterns that the board tracks year over year.

The projections show that the number of classes with an absorption rate at or near maximum capacity is increasing. The absorption rate indicates the number of students needed to put a classroom over capacity and require the addition of another classroom.

A projected 10 classes are at or near capacity in the 2017-16 school year. Three of the sections have no room for additional students and another three are three students away from being pushed over the edge and needing to add another class section.

Additionally, the number of students at the high school and middle school are up by 14 or 15 students in each school, according to Betsy Hagerty-Ross, Board of Education chairman.;203-330-6583;@Meg_DarienNews

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