From "Charlie Bit My Finger" to "David After Dentist," certain home videos strike a chord with the public and become instant classics. However, YouTube has yet to see a viral video from a Darien resident.

Until now, that is.

Darien High School junior Jake Heyde and his brother, Zach, had no idea when they began filming their grandfather playing video games that the clip would become an overnight hit.

Titled, "Our 84 year old Grandpa plays Videogames!" the two and a half minute clip features Heyde playing the popular video games Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 with his grandfather, Ben.

"I saw how much fun my grandfather was having the moment we started playing the games," Heyde said. "I knew I could not miss an opportunity to film his hilarious reactions, so I grabbed my camera and started filming. It was all in the moment."

The video, which Heyde uploaded Monday, Jan. 28, has already received nearly 656,000 views and was featured on "Inside Edition."

Heyde said he's "amazed and blown away at the same time," from the public's reaction.

"It has been so cool to have people commenting on how much they love my grandfather and how heartwarming the video is. I know it means a lot to my grandpa to know that he is making people smile worldwide. It has been absolutely crazy with all the emails from news organizations across the world wanting to put the video up on their sites. The entire experience has been surreal."

Watching the video, one would be hard pressed to not crack a smile, as Heyde and Grandpa Ben battle it out, as exemplified in the following exchange from the video:

Ben: "I got him?"

Heyde: "No, you died."

Throughout the entirety of the video the two laugh as Heyde's grandfather "Eeeeees!" and "Ooooooos!"

"While I thoroughly enjoyed playing the games, I had more fun spending time with my grandson and being able to share the laughs and memories," Heyde's grandfather said.

Heyde has no plans of releasing more videos on to YouTube anytime soon.

"We never intended or even thought that it could go viral. We decided to put it up as a way to show friends and family and had no idea that the public would love it so much. After speaking with my grandfather, we decided it would be best to leave it as a single "sensation" as opposed to possibly ruining it with more. We are so happy with how much attention it has gotten and are going to treasure it forever."

Check out the video at

Mac McDonough is a freelance writer.