This letter refers to remarks of Jennifer Pride and Shana Hurkala, opposing the Locust Hill overlay project, as quoted the your newspaper report.

I would invite them to meet me face to face and tell me that I am not appropriate for their neighborhood. I'm shocked and saddened that you would express such prejudices in public.

Walk around town: to the shops, to the bank, to the library, on Fitch Avenue, at the Darien station waiting for the 7:10 a.m., or at your club.

Say to the people with gray hair and glasses: "You're not appropriate to live in my neighborhood," "Your lifestyle doesn't fit in," "My children shouldn't play near you."

Then tell your parents.

I'm dismayed to know you are breeding another generation of people with such prejudices.

You may think you earned your acre, but it was on the shoulders of those who came before you; and earning respect? I doubt it.

Dr. Janet D'Arcangelo


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