The greens raked in some green for the Darien Library Saturday.

Mini golf came to the library as an entire miniature golf course was set up throughout the building, attracting more enthusiasts than expected.

"It's going fantastically well," said Director Alan Gray, with turnout of more than the 400 golfers by 1 p.m. that afternoon.

"It's a busy homerun for us," said Tara Ochman, fundraising chairwoman of the library Board of Trustees, who acknowledged the support from local business sponsors of each hole of golf.

"It's a great idea," said Ingrid Racguzman of Darien. "All of the children I've seen have been very excited to participate in this."

"I think it's really creative and I love that they've used the multiple floors for the course," said Rebecca Martorella of Darien.

Asked what he enjoyed about the library's links, Max Scaccia, 6, of Darien said, "I don't know. It's just loads of fun on a breezy day."