Only 38.5 percent, or $2,528,449.61, of the nearly $7 million Mather Center project has been spent, as of the start of May, according to financial reports from the town's Finance Department.

If the project were to exceed the budgeted $6,979,000, the Representative Town Meeting would be required to vote on appropriating additional funds, according to Kate Buch, town finance director.

The renovations at 35 Leroy Ave., where the Board of Education recently relocated, are nearing completion and with funds to spare.

While $1,711,308.55 already has been spent on the 35 Leroy Ave. renovations, $9,850 are still earmarked for that portion of the project. As a result, there is $761,764.45 left in the available budget.

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The next Board of Education meeting, set for Tuesday, May 14, is expected to take place in the new building.

In addition, the "shuffle" involves the senior center moving to the Town Hall Annex and being renamed the Mather Center. Completion of construction at the Town Hall Annex is set to be completed in October.

No grants have been received officially, according to Buch, but it is anticipated that the Board of Education will receive one from the state Department of Education for the purchase of 35 Leroy Ave.

Much of the costs of the move are estimated to be spent on the renovations to the future Mather Center.;203-972-4407;@Meg_DarienNews