Linda McMahon woke up as the Republican nominee for Senate Wednesday and wasted little time assaulting Democrat Chris Murphy's congressional record.

In what is likely the opening salvo in a slew of post-primary campaign attacks, McMahon's campaign sent out a robocall to 300,000 senior citizens across the state charging that when Murphy voted for President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, the three-term House incumbent was aiding in a $700 billion cut to Medicare.

Murphy quickly denounced the automated phone call as a "lie" and a blatant distortion of the impact of the president's signature health care law.

McMahon stood by her message to seniors during a campaign stop at Sealed Air Corp. in Danbury, where she met briefly with reporters before touring the foam packaging plant.

"Well, he voted for the Affordable Care Act," McMahon said. "So in that is a reduction in Medicare funding. That's a cut to Medicare. He clearly did vote for the Affordable Care Act."

Murphy called McMahon's robocall campaign "a lie," during his only campaign stop of the day in a Wallingford factory.

"The health care bill increased Medicare benefits for seniors, eliminated co-pays for preventative visits, cut in half the amount of money that seniors pay for prescription drugs in the doughnut hole," he told reporters.

"Linda McMahon is parroting the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan attack lines that just won't work here in Connecticut. It's an absolute lie to say that the health care bill cuts benefits for seniors, and if that's what her robocall says this morning she should stop it immediately. She's come out and said she would entertain the privatization of Medicare."

Since Romney's pick of Ryan as his running mate Saturday, the two Senate campaigns have sparred over whether McMahon would be in lockstep with $700 billion proposed cuts to Medicare in Ryan's budget plan.

"Let me be very clear what my position is. My position is that I will not support any legislation that is going to reduce funding for Medicare and impact our seniors," McMahon said.

Here is the transcript of the robocall:

"You'll hear a lot of talk this election season about Medicare.

There's only one candidate who's voted to cut Medicare for current recipients.

That's right, those receiving benefits right now.

And that's Chris Murphy.

Chris Murphy voted to cut 700 billion dollars out of our Medicare benefits.

I don't know about you, but I rely on my Medicare benefits.

And politicians like Chris Murphy need to keep their hands off.

Paid for by Linda McMahon for Senate 2012."

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