The new $250,000 scoreboard, purchased by the Darien Athletic Foundation, was installed at the Darien High School varsity fields on Thursday.

However, there was a minor setback when one of the chains holding the scoreboard malfunctioned and it fell several inches to the ground. The damage was only cosmetic and plans to repair the bottom right corner were already in order.

The scoreboard is only one part of the $7.5 million Sunny Day project that the DAF has initiated to improve athletic facilities in town.

The Sunny Day plan was developed with input from Schools Superintendent Stephen Falcone; Michael Lynch, Board of Education facilities manager; Michael Sullivan, DHS athletic director; DHS field sports, such as football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey, varsity coaches; Jeremy Ginsberg, planning and zoning director; and heads of youth leagues.

This is the second-largest fundraising campaign in Darien; the first being the one for the new library, which cost $28 million.

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