Neighbors have negatively responded to First Selectman Jayme's Stevenson's request for feedback regarding four test pilot lights that were installed on Hoyt Street on back-to-back street posts.

In short: They're just too bright for a residential neighborhood.

"I've had three complaints from neighbors," said First Selectman Jayme Stevenson at Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting. "I'm waiting for feedback from neighbors who walk to the train to tell me about their experience walking to and from the train and if the light is beneficial."

Connecticut Light & Power installed the lights on June 21.

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"Four lights in a row by my house will definitely impact the quality of living for us," Carol Ann Miller wrote to Stevenson on June 25 via email, which was provided to the Darien News. "You are forcing us to consider having to sell our house before the sidewalk is installed. Our bedroom is in front facing the road and I am a poor sleeper." Miller and her husband are in their 70s and have lived in Darien for 32 years.

As part of the Board of Selectmen's promise to increase pedestrian safety along Hoyt Street between Leeds Lane and Barringer Road, the installation of 17 new street lamps has been proposed.

Holly Schulz, a Hoyt Street resident, has been the most vocal about the need for sidewalks and increased safety for commuters walking to the Talmadge Hill train station and other pedestrians using the road.

"I saw the lights July 4 on my way home from fireworks around 10 p.m.," Schulz wrote to Stevenson on July 6 in an email, which was provided to the Darien News. "I think it's a bit much (one is lighting the woods). It would be preferred to have them installed on every other pole to help increase and even out the lighting without making things too bright (as that one stretch now appears)."

At a previous Board of Selectmen meeting, Schulz provided a modified lighting plan that places a street light on every other pole.

"The issue right now is that it's a very bright time of the year," said Selectman David Bayne. "It doesn't get dark until 8:30, 9 o'clock. A lot of people are already home at that time."

Although the request for the remainder of the 17 streets lights has been placed, the installation has been stopped pending feedback, according to an email from Stevenson sent to a Hoyt Street resident on June 21.

The decision was made to add the discussion of the pilot lights on Hoyt Street to the agenda of a future Board of Selectmen meeting.

"I know given the intensity of some of the emails that have gone around, I understand the antagonism of some of the neighbors who may have light flooding in their windows and I think it would just help them to know that there is a finite period, so you might say, for example, `We are looking for positive feedback, or any feedback, until a certain date,' " Selectman John Lundeen said.;203-330-6583;@Meg_DarienNews