Polls will be open on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. District 1 votes at 35 Leroy Ave.; District 2, Tokeneke School; District 3, Holmes School; District 4, Hindley School; District 5, McGuane Fieldhouse; and District 6, Town Hall. Remember to bring identification to the polls. For questions on voter registration, call the registrars of voters' office at 203-656-7316.

The candidates for municipal office are:

First selectman

Jayme J. Stevenson (R)


(Vote for any two.)

Gerald A. Nielsen Jr. (R)

Edward Reilly Tierney (R)

Susan J. Marks (R)

Christopher Patrick Hall (R)

Town clerk

(Vote for one.)

Donna E. Rajczewski (R)

Town treasurer

(vote for one)

Joan D. Hendrickson (R)

Tax collector

(Vote for one.)

Kathleen M. Larkins (R)

Thomas J. Valentino (D)

Board of Finance

(Vote for any three.)

David J. Lopiano (R)

Bruce G. Orr Sr. (R)

Jon E. Zagrodzky (R)

L. Francis Huck (D)

Board of Education

(Vote for any two.)

Christa S. McNamara (R)

David Byron Martens (R)

Callie Ann Sullivan (D)

Shannon Silsby (D)

Board of Assessment Appeals

(Vote for one.)

Christopher Peters (R)

Sharad A. Samy (D)

Planning and Zoning Commission

(Full term; vote for any two.)

Stephen P. Olvany (R)

John R. Sini Jr. (R)

Eric J. Voigt (D)

Planning and Zoning Commission

(Two years; vote for one.)

Richard Allen DiDonna (R)


Louis J. Calastro (R)

Joseph Tarnowsky Jr. (R)

Representative Town Meeting

District 1

(Vote for any 13.)

Stanley M. Buchesky

Patricia Finn Bumgardner

George F. Dupont

Brent Thomas Hayes

Peter K. Kelly

Lois J. Schneider

Thomas Brady Valentino III

District 2

(Vote for any eight.)

Kirk P. Hoffman

Kate L. Keith

Jeffrey L. Marston

Carol Matton

Monica M. McNally

Cecelia Mundt

District 3

(Vote for any 10.)

Steven A. Anderson

Christopher L. Camuti

Adele M. Conniff

Eugene F. Coyle

Thomas W. Moore

Seth W. Morton

District 4

(Vote for any 10.)

Martha A. Banks

Angus James Cameron

Werner K. Domittner

Ludy Fiore

Joseph H. Hardison III

Frank B. Kemp

Joseph D. Miceli

Andrew C. Millar

Susan E. Morrison

William D. Peters III

Sandra A. Savage

District 5

(Vote for any eight.)

Carolyn Golden Bayne

Michael J. Burke

Kenneth A. Fiveson Jr.

Susan S. LeHan

Harry D. McLachlin

James M. Patrick

Allison L. Stolar

Robert E. Young Jr.

District 6

(Vote for any 10.)

Arden A. Broecking

Martha Caroline Luz

Emily Quinn McDermott

James Robert Palen Jr.

S. Lloyd Plehaty

Debra McGarry Ritchie

Gary C. Swenson

William R. Van Loan Jr.

John T. Whitehead

David L. Young

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