Permit fees at the transfer center will increase on July 1 following unanimous approval by the Board of Selectmen at its Monday, April 8, meeting.

The increases have been in the works for some time, and the increase was approved at the end of a public hearing, during which time no one came forward to speak in favor or against the changes.

Residents without haulers will see their annual fees increase from $110 to $120, and residents with haulers will see their fees increase from $34 to $40. Commercial permit fees will remain the same at $150. Landscaping prorated fees would be eliminated.

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The first permit for senior citizens and those in the tax abatement program will be free. All permits after the first will be $40.

Additionally, there are increases to the tipping fees for all users because of the increased costs of travel and composting of items such as grass, leaves and wood chips. The proposed increases to the commercial tipping fees per ton are $85 for grass, up from $55; $70 for leaves, up from $55; and $70 for wood chips, up from $40.

The town transports grass to Grillo in Milford for composting every three days or when it reaches 10 cubic metric yards, which are additional costs to the town, Allison Stolar, the Transfer Station Advisory Committee public works and operation subcommittee chairman, said. The three-day limit for holding materials at the recycling center is a state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection regulation.

The changes in fees would generate an estimated $58,000 per year in gross revenue, said Stolar at the March 11 Board of Selectmen meeting. Recycling is free for all residents.;203-972-44047;@Meg_Darien News