STRATFORD — School Superintendent Janet Robinson’s has a plan to ax 43 teachers next month, but there’s still hope that some or all of these positions can be saved, according the Stratford Education Association President Mike Fiorello.

“What I can tell you is that there’s currently a hold on those layoff notices,” Fiorello said. “Talks are continuing between our bargaining unit, the superintendent and Town Hall.”

This was confirmed by a joint statement made public from Robinson and School Board Chairman Eric Lazaro late Friday afternoon, which said that Town Hall, the School Board and the school administration are all working to find a solution.

“The Board of Education and the SEA executive committee as well as the Superintendent, the Mayor and the Stratford Town Council have all expressed their collective concerns about the negative impact of layoffs to our children,” the statement said, “and are continuing our conversations to settle on an alternative to layoffs.”

The statement said that a number of officials in town “are currently working collaboratively to mitigate this difficult financial situation,” adding that “the community of Stratford is dealing with as a whole to develop a reasonable and equitable solution that does not impact the learning process of our children.”

Robinson had offered a plan to avert the layoffs by having the faculty take two furlough days — days that would shorten the school year to 180 days, the state minimum. Nearly 90 percent of the teachers rejected this idea, the SEA said.

The superintendent said that the the move would save about $700,000 and that a shortfall of $2.8 million in state funding is forcing the move.