In Darien, it pays to be the superintendent of schools -- or $237,000, to be exact.

The list of highest-paid town and school officials was recently released, and while it may not be a surprise, 21 of 25 of the highest-grossing careers on the town side in Darien go to police officers.

However, according to the gross earnings list from Kathleen Buch, finance director, the highest-paid town official, Charles Saverine, the town building official, rakes in $208,705, followed by Lt. Donald Anderson, who made $178,633 in 2012.

Sgt. Mark Cirillo made $161,950.

The next highest paid is Karl Kilduff, the administrative officer, with $153,719.

The rest of the top 25 incomes for town officials is dominated by members of the Darien Police Department, save for two additional town officials.

In 2012, Lt. William Buignan made $152,974; Lt. Ronald Bussell made $151,936; Chief of Police Duane Lovello made $151,562; Officer Michael Cummings made $150,375.

Breaking the pattern of police officials is Robert Steeger, public works director, who made $144,723.

The pattern of police continues with Lt. Raymond Osborne, $144,723; Officer Joseph Licari, $143,367; and Sgt. Thomas Moore, $143,222.

Kathleen Buch, the finance director, is the final town official in the list of top 25, and she made $142,668.

The rest of list is as follows: Capt. Frederick Komm, $142,718; Lt. George Vitone, Jr, $136,025; Det. Mark Cappelli, $135,565; Capt. Gary Pavia, $133,947; Officer Edwin Vigil, $131,365; Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, $128,509; Sgt. Alison Hudyma, $128,013; Public Information Officer Jeremiah Marron Jr., $127,884; Officer Kathy Conlin, $126,264; Sgt. Keri Isaac, $124,328; Officer Daniel Noto, $123,935; and Sgt. Robert Shreders, $123,133.

The final gross income of the top officials does not reflect their budgeted salaries. Their final income is also reflective of overtime pay, holidays, sick time and various other reasons.

In terms of the school administrative earnings, Stephen Falcone, superintendent of schools, tops the list, earning $237,000 in 2012.

Assistant superintendents Matthew Byrnes and Judith Pandolfo each earned $183,871.

Following them was Arlene Gottesman, Darien High School principal, making $175,000, just above Middlesex Principal Deborah Boccanfuso's $171,877.

Deirdre Osypuk, the director of special education and student services, brought in $166,654.

Rita Ferri, the principal at Hindley Elementary School, made $166,322, the same as Keith Margolus, principal at Royle Elementary School.

Richard Huot, director of finance, brought in $165,564 and Paul Bleakley, Holmes Elementary School principal, brought in $165,012.

After Bleakley comes Ellen Dunn, Darien High School assistant principal, who made $169,830.

Just shy of matching Dunn is Mary Michelson, Tokeneke principal, with $158,015.

Luke Forshaw, the Ox Ridge Elementary School principal, made $149,699. Middlesex Assistant Principals Andrew Byrne and Marc Marin, along with Special Education Director Carleen Wood, all brought in $146,925.

Ellen Spark, Darien High School assistant principal, earned $143,847. Jeffrey Adams, director of information and technology, made $141,254.

The Tokeneke and Hindley Extended Learning Program Director Laura Straiton earned $138,913.

The last Darien High School principal, Jacob Greenwood, earned $135,856.

Finally, Paul Ribeiro, director of guidance, made $131,774; Michael Lynch, director of facilities and operation, made $128,519; and Elizabeth Wesolowski, the assistant director of elementary special education, $124,886.;203-972-4407;

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