DARIEN — A revised proposal from Baywater Properties to redevelop an area of downtown is back on the table.

Principal of Baywater David Genovese announced Oct. 20 that an amended plan for the mixed-used development had been filed with the Planning and Zoning Department that addressed concerns expressed by the commission during the public hearing and clarify aspects of the project, which would see the total redevelopment of the area between Corbin Drive, the Post Road and I-95.

“We have made significant modifications to the proposed text amendment in response to feedback received from and concerns expressed by Darien’s Planning & Zoning Commission. We also realized in recent weeks that in our effort to simplify our presentation of what is arguably the most complicated project to ever be presented to the Town of Darien, we did not sufficiently inform the Commission of how each of the buildings we would like to build varies in terms of architecture and scale, as well as the key drivers of certain of our requests, such as interior ceiling heights required by the market today,” Genovese wrote on Thursday.

Specifically, the amended proposal would see a reduction in the height of the tallest building, down from six stories and up to 93 feet high to five stories and no more than 69 feet high at its peak. Space in between floors, too, has been reduced according to Genovese.

During the public hearing, the commission expressed concern at the requested first story height of 20 feet in the originally proposed project. Following the withdrawal of the application on Sept. 22, Genovese explained that the first story height was necessary to accommodate anchor tenants, which he said will often ask for ceiling heights of up to 20 feet. Though the amended application still asks for ceiling heights of up to 20 feet where anchor tenants would be located, it explains that “non-anchor retail spaces within the project” would have ceiling heights ranging from 11 to 13 feet.

“We hope that these modifications, taken together, will be sufficient for the P&Z Commission to work with us toward an approval so that our formal site plan application can be developed. We look forward to working together with the P&Z Commission toward an outcome befitting of the Darien community,” Genovese said.

The amended application is expected to go before the Planning and Zoning Commission in November.

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