Finding a cheaper alternative to the shuffle project and addressing the long-debated issue of parking permits at the train stations are a few areas Democratic Selectman David Bayne is focusing on as he seeks re-election for a third term.

Bayne, who has served on the BOS for four years, is not in favor of the current shuffle plan, but acknowledges the need for a new senior center.

"We need to start from a position where we can all agree, and we differ on the way to do that, but the shuffle is too expensive," Bayne said. "The senior center is expanding dramatically, but the Board of Education is the real issue because there is no demonstrated need for more space."

As an alternative, Bayne said the town could build a stand-alone senior center for about $6 million. Bayne believes the cost of 35 Leroy Ave. should be included in the price of the project, and the BOS should have considered selling the property to help fund a new senior center.

"We're being asked to approve a $12 million solution for a $6 million problem," he said.

As far as a solution for the parking permit wait-list, Bayne, who holds an annual permit at Noroton Heights, said there wasn't an easy solution to the problem but suggested raising fees on a regular basis or offering an incentive to residents who give up their permits.

"To get people to give up their permits, you would have to double the cost or more, and that's penalizing the people who already pay a lot in taxes," Bayne said. "We could offer people who relinquish their permits the opportunity to jump to the top of the list if they want to get a permit back later on."

Bayne also feels that a parking garage at Noroton Heights would not be a viable solution for the parking problem.