DARIEN — The school board has opened entry to executive sessions to the public after a Freedom of Information complaint was filed for refusing to allow access.

The board had previously denied a Darien News reporter entry into a vote to go into executive session on May 9. FOI law states the board must publicly vote to go into these sessions, as well as state the reason for doing so.

“We understand that the board must first convene its meeting in public, and may then enter into executive session only upon a two-thirds vote of those present, also stating the reason for the executive session,” said Board of Education Chairman Michael Harman in an email to the Darien News on Monday, May 22. “We will assure that persons responsible for assuring access of the public to meetings of Darien Board of Education understand these legal requirements.”

The board has gone into executive session before most of their general meetings this year, citing a need to discuss privileged attorney-client information.

The Darien News has also requested approved minutes from the executive sessions, which Harman said are being compiled.

“Part of the media’s job is to ensure government is operating to the law and in a transparent way that benefits the public,” said Darien News Editor Jerrod Ferrari. “It is heartening to see the Darien Board of Education correct this as promptly as they did.”

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