The Darien Sail & Power Squadron is offering a basic coastal boating course starting Wednesday, April 3, at Middlesex Middle School, 204 Hollow Tree Ridge Road.

The course will meet for six classroom meetings, plus an exam evening, Wednesday, May 22, at the conclusion of the course.

Graduation from this course will satisfy requirements for the State's Safe Boating Certificate which is required for the operation of all Connecticut registered boats. This course will also entitle students to the new "Coastal Boating Endorsement" on your Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate.

This course is more comprehensive than the typical minimum-standard boating class required for the Connecticut Certificate. In addition to the minimum topics on safety and regulations, this course includes:

An introduction to charts

The compass;

More Information

Fact box

Aids to navigation;

Basic piloting;

Marine radio;



Boat handling and seamanship;

Equipment and regulations;

Navigation rules;

Finding your position and basic coastal piloting (i.e. how to get there and get BACK!);

And information on the local harbors and pleasant destinations for the weekend boater in our part of Long Island Sound.

The Basic Coastal Boating Course is an enhanced version of the Squadron's "America's Boating Course," that qualifies graduates for the CT Safe Boating Certificate, with the Coastal Boater Endorsement.

The course is directed at general, practical, issues of interest to all boaters, and is not targeted to either power or sail. Students receive their own chart of the local harbors and Western Long Island Sound. This chart is used in class and in hands-on exercises, along with the text and plotting equipment.

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