DARIEN — Superintendent of Schools Dan Brenner announced Tuesday night his plans to resign within the week.

Brenner began the meeting by reading a prepared statement, complimenting the administrative team he was able to assemble in Darien and the Board of Education goals they were able to carry out, before getting into the reason for his departure.

“Just recently, I have been approached with a once in a lifetime opportunity to run a private school that is something that I could not overlook,” Brenner’s statement read, though he said he could offer no specifics because the negotiations are in their final stages.

“I anticipate they will conclude in no more than a week. When and if the negotiations are successfully completed I will tender my resignation to Darien,” he continued.

Though Brenner’s offer at the unnamed private school is not yet official, he said he was taking the unusual step of alerting the board and community as soon as possible to give the board more time to find a replacement.

Prior to coming to Darien, Brenner was a superintendent in the Roslyn, New York School District. During his time in Darien, he helped to mediate negotiations between Darien High School neighbors and the Darien Athletic Foundation that led to the installation of lights around the football field. Brenner also oversaw the opening of the Fitch Academy, an alternative high school located in the Darien LIbrary that is completing its first year and is expected to expand.

Board of Education Chairman Tara Ochmann said after the meeting that Brenner had not yet officially resigned, a that a special meeting of the board would be called if Brenner has more news to share before the next scheduled meeting, on June 12.

“As always the board will ensure that the best interest of our students is the priority. Our work and commitment to move our district forward will continue,” Ochmann said.

In his statement, Brenner thanked the board, and Ochmann specifically, for their work together.

“I have been blessed to work with a supportive board since I arrived in Darien. They have been partners in our initiatives, always acted in the most professional of ways and challenged me to be the best superintendent I could be,” Brenner said.

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Hearst Connecticut reporter Humberto J. Rocha contributed reporting to this story.