DARIEN — A Bridgeport drug dealer arrested Wednesday was selling at $2,500 worth of heroin at a time to wealthy teens and young adults in affluent Fairfield County suburbs, said police.

Bridgeport police were tipped off about Joel Jean, 29, by officers from the Darien police department who found out that heroin in the area was coming from Jean. Darien and Bridgeport police then launched a months-long investigation into Jean. According to Sergeant Jeremiah Marron of the Darien Police Department, investigators were able to issue an arrest warrant for Jean based on crimes and drug sales that the Darien police or other authorities witnessed.

According to Bridgeport Chief of Police A.J. Perez, Jean was not selling heroin to other area dealers, but directly to the young adults using in nearby towns. Perez said Jean was selling at least five bundles of heroin at a time, for an inflated price of $500-$600 per bundle. Jean would sell the drugs both in the town of Darien and to youths who came to Bridgeport, Perez said.

Perez also said that authorities believe the heroin may have been mixed with other dangerous substances. The narcotics are currently being tested in state labs and authorities believe they will have results in a month.

According to Perez, it may have been the buyer’s ignorance to heroin pricing, as well as affluence, that was leading them to pay high prices for drugs that normally go for $70.

“They have the money,” he said. “And these people will sell to anybody.”

Perez said the arrests may slow down the use and sale of heroin temporarily, considering the quantity that Jean was distributing. However, he said that this is still an ongoing concern in the community.

“You see a decline for a bit but like anything else,” said Perez. “It’s supply and demand. The challenge for us to recognize the supplier.”

According to Perez, these arrests may help authorities recognize other dealers in the area, as the defendants may take a plea deal to help lighten their sentence.

“There’s no honor on the street,” he said. “They’ll do anything to avoid jail time.”

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