Darien High School was stripped of its Class L girls indoor track title Wednesday due a scoring error.

Windsor High was awarded the title by the CIAC, making Darien the runner-up by a 71-70 margin.

The official CIAC explanation for the change is as follows:

"During the seeding for Saturday's girls indoor track State Open, it was discovered that a data input error had caused incorrect results to be distributed at Monday's Class L Championship Meet and subsequently be posted on the CIAC website.

"A Darien High School girls pole vaulter was listed in a four-way tie for third, which would have been worth 3.5 points for the team. During the seeding for the open it was determined the vaulter should actually have been listed in 7th place due to the number of misses tiebreaker.

"A subsequent review of the official scoresheet from the judges showed this was in fact the case, but that the data had been incorrectly transferred to the scoring system. The girls pole vault results and the team scores for the meet have been corrected.

"As a result of the correction, Windsor High School is now correctly reflected as the champion with 71 points and Darien High School the runner-up with 70 points. The corrected results are on the CIAC web site at www.casciac.org/it12l.shtml."

The Blue Wave are weighing their options.

"I'm currently considering our appeal options which is our right and I am in the process of contacting the CIAC to discuss the case further," Darien High girls indoor track head coach Steve Norris said Wednesday afternoon.

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