After serving a term as the first selectman, David Campbell is looking to rejoin the Board of Selectmen and help improve the town.

Campbell said his experience running Ring's End Lumber and his time as first selectman have taught him valuable skills and how to keep his ego out of any decisions. If elected as a selectman, Campbell wants to see the senior residents get a new building.

"When I was elected as first selectman I went into the file cabinets and found 12 years of studies by the previous six administrations about building a new senior center," Campbell said. "Doing a stand-alone senior center today would be cheaper, but we are able to remodel 45,000 square feet for $7 million."

Campbell said another one of his priorities is the parking permit issue.

"We have talked about permits a lot, and we do have a wait-list of over 1,000 people," he said. "We are limited by state zoning at Noroton Heights. We have looked at pricing, and raised it by a small amount last year."

Noroton Heights is an especially difficult area for the town because the lot is owned by the state and open to any Connecticut resident who wishes to park there.

Campbell acknowledged the issue with parking permits is tough, and there wasn't necessarily an easy way to fix the problem. He said more spaces were opened up in the lots, but the issue would need further discussion. One solution that Campbell felt would not be viable would be to build a parking garage at Noroton Heights.

"I can't see building a parking garage as a viable solution," he said.