DARIEN — A stop for a traffic violation turned motor vehicle pursuit ended in the driver hiding in a Stamford home undergoing renovations, police said.

On Jan. 2 at 1:20 a.m., an officer sitting on Noroton Avenue pulled over Annie Plourde after she made a left turn onto Hecker Avenue while driving in the straight/right turn lane. The woman in the passenger seat of the vehicle told the officer she owned the tan 1999 Mercury Sable and Plourde was driving because the owner was tired. Plourde said she and the passenger, plus a third male passenger in the backseat, were returning from a day of shopping in New York City.

Plourde, 36, then told the officer she did not have her license on her and gave a debit card and her date of birth. When the officer noticed a misuse of the license plate on the car, the owner of the car insisted it was the correct plate and she registered the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles after she bought it. She then showed the officer a bill of sale marked for Nov. 23, 2016.

Plourde, of Dowd Avenue in Canton, then admitted to the officer her license was suspended., Darien police said. The officer called for backup, but as the additional personnel arrived, Plourde fled, driving down the Post Road toward Stamford. Police chased Plourde down empty roads at speeds up to 75 miles per hour but stopped following her at the advice of the supervisor on duty after she crossed into Stamford. Police gave out information via a hotline to state and Stamford police.

Later on Jan. 2, Stamford police found Plourde in a Cove Road home undergoing renovations after receiving a call from a neighbor about a broken window at the house. Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said a Cove Road neighbor called police at about 2 p.m. Monday to report that a window had been broken in a next-door home that has been under construction for over 10 months. The neighbor also reported a strange car in the driveway, which was the Sable Plourde had been driving in Darien earlier.

Police got inside the home and found Plourde hiding in the attic, Shawinsky said. While Plourde said she was staying with someone else at the house, near the corner of Island Heights Drive, she would not tell police who it was.

Shawinsky said food and candles being used in the home showed that Plourde and her friend had been in the home for more than the weekend.

Plourde was arrested around 3 p.m. After booking Plourde on burglary and criminal mischief charges, Stamford police found out that she was wanted for skipping four court dates around the state. Plourde failed to show up on Dec. 12 for a case in Hartford where she was facing a prostitution charge from January of 2016.

Plourde is being held in lieu of $65,000 in court appearance bonds. She will appear in court on Jan. 13.

Her charges from Darien included interfering with an officer, driving with a suspended license, engaging police in a pursuit, reckless driving, failure to obey traffic control signs and operating an unregistered car. Her charges on her other warrants are unknown.