The third annual J.R. Schoen Forever Memorial Walk takes place Sunday, Oct. 10 at Pear Tree Point beach. J.R. Schoen would have turned 12-years-old that day had it not been for the brain tumor that claimed his life in July 2008. Friends and family of the Holmes School student organized the JR Forever Memorial Walk in his honor. Children and their parents are invited to walk down at the beach for a minimum donation of $25 each. The walk will raise funds for the Darien Youth Lacrosse Association and a new organization, JR's Ray of Hope. In addition, JR Forever Memorial Walk will be part of the Darien Sport Shop Fall Celebration Shopping Days Event. Tickets will be for sale at the JR Forever Walk for $10. For more information, visit website Pictured from left are Olivia and Anna Leunis, Logan Buckner and Matthew Hinton, who were neighbors of J.R. Schoen, as they prepare for the upcoming walk held in his honor.