A Greenwich man has been charged with failing to pay for groceries at Palmer's Market that he initially was allowed to take on a credit arrangement.

Robert Connolly, 46, of Shore Road, Greenwich, was charged with attempted larceny at the market, 264 Heights Road, after he twice used in-store credit that Palmer's management sometimes offers customers who have forgotten their wallets, but never paid off, according to the report.

On Oct. 16, the manager allowed Connolly -- who police said gave his name as Bob Donnelly -- to take $91.43 in groceries with a promise to pay the next day, police said. The next day he brought groceries worth $181.83 to the counter and a different manager allowed him to take them with a promise to pay the next day, police said, but that time he gave his real name.

On Nov. 3, however, when he attempted to get credit for $231.06 of groceries, the store refused. This time, police said, he gave his name as Tom Connolly.

Palmer's management initially did not want to have him arrested since Connolly promised to pay the entire amount he owed Nov. 7, police said, but he never followed through.

Connolly was charged Dec. 13 at Superior Court in Stamford where he was appearing on unrelated charges filed by Stamford police.

Charges filed against him include two counts of sixth-degree larceny, two counts of criminal impersonation and one count of attempted sixth-degree larceny.