A man with a foul mouth was charged with breach of peace at the Darien Library last week, police said.

Robert Houseworth, 59, who lives at a homeless shelter in Stamford, was reading out loud in a quiet area of the library just after noon Dec. 18. When the librarian asked him to be quiet, he told her, "Go (expletive) yourself."

A male staff member, asked to intervene, then asked Houseworth to leave the library. "You can go (expletive) yourself, too," Houseworth said, according to the report.

As the staff member was walking him from the library, Houseworth told him, "If I turn around, I'm going to hit you in the (expletive) face."

Houseworth told police the librarian initially had asked him if he were "needy," which he found upsetting.

He was charged with breach of peace, but was unable to post the $500 bail, police said.