Loughlin Harris, 22, of Deepwood Road, was charged Oct. 10 with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia after police said they found more than a pound of the drug in his car.

Harris' SUV was stopped after an officer saw him make an abrupt turn in his recently purchased 2011 black Range Rover into the Whole Foods parking lot, 150 Ledge Road, without signaling, according to the police report.

The officer smelled unburnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to the report, and Harris was asked to step out of the SUV.

Two packs of rolling papers were allegedly seen on the floor of the vehicle, and Harris was told that "Zulu," the police canine, was going to conduct a free-air sniff of the car, police said.

Harris then admitted to having a small amount of marijuana and pulled a small sandwich bag holding marijuana from his pants pocket, police said. He told police he didn't have any more drugs in his car, police said.

Zulu, however, indicated that there was more marijuana in the vehicle and police conducted a search, according to the report. Police said they found two large, heat-sealed bags containing marijuana in the seat pocket behind the front passenger seat, according the report.

They also said they found a glass pipe and several burnt marijuana roaches in the SUV's center console, according to the report.

In total, police found 1.125 pounds of marijuana, according to the report.

Harris posted a $15,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 20. He was charged with felonies because of the amount of drugs found, police said.

Harris' vehicle is subject to confiscation, according to police. Harris has a history of marijuana possession, but has only been issued an infraction in the past, police said.