Darien Arts Center's Theatre Program is back for the spring semester beginning in March, continuing to offer inventive and affordable theatre classes. Join Program Director Chris Smalley in classes that range in age from preschool through seventh grade.

This session, students get to participate in fun-filled classes that culminate in a performance in the Darien Arts Center. All classes perform in the DAC Weatherstone Studio, which provides a unique and enriching experience to performers as well as giving them the feeling of acting like a professional.

The preschool Myths and Magic class teaches early performers the tricks of the trade, such as imagination and role-playing. Beginners Drama, offered for kindergarten through first grade, will have a scary time of it in their upcoming production of "A Night at the Zoo." Second through fourth grade students find themselves in a battle to find out who is better in "Pirates vs. Ninjas" in Drama for Young Actors I, and fifth through seventh graders taking Drama for Young Actors II present a modern twist on a classic tale in "The Three Musketeers."

The DAC brings back the crown jewel of the Theatre Program: Musical Theatre Ensemble. This class, taught by Smalley with musical direction by Regina Elliot, will have students singing, dancing and having a "grand ol' time" as they put on a full length musical production. This semester the ensemble will be explore fairy tales under a new light as they travel to "Fairy Tale High" and find all of their favorite characters in high school. Their world is thrown upside down when "normal" girl Cindy Baker enters the school and tries to keep a secret.

The Darien Arts Center also offers the new Improv Theatre and Clown class. This engaging class allows students to conquer the fast paced world of Improvisational Comedy, a type of theatre where the hilarious skits are created on the spot, often based of the audience's suggestions. Improv, combined with clown work, give performers the necessary tools to feel confident onstage and often help performers who are scared of memorization or getting up in front of crowds.

Founded in 1975, the Darien Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing visual and performing arts programs and events for the community. The DAC offers educational programs in Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre and Music and performances, by the Darien Players, and Cabaret Theatre. The organization is funded by private donations, tuition fees and ticket sales. For more information, call 203-655-8683 or visit arts.darien.org.

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