The young thespians participating in the Darien Art Center's summer program have been hard at work creating props and scenery and rehearsing their lines for the upcoming production of "Save the Zoo."

The three-week workshop, titled "Let's Put on a Show," is offered to first- through fourth-graders and allows them to explore the many facets of theater production.

"I love making the jewelry and wearing the costumes," Christopher Cimador said while putting the finishing touches on one of the accessories.

Annika Huss is excited about her role in the show.

"I'm also really excited for my grandparents to come watch me," she beamed while painting one of the production's backdrops.

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Benjamin Waldman, one of the instructors, explained the premise behind the play.

"It's pretty much a combination of the Brady Bunch and Scooby Doo," he said.

The show will feature a typical Scooby Doo-inspired villain by the name of "Duck Dusterdly." The plot takes a turn for the worst when "Duck Dusterdly" steals the key to the city zoo in an effort to release all the animals. The mayor of the city announces on the radio that the key has been taken and asks for everyone's help in finding it. The radio station also announces that there will be a call-in contest where the winner gets to perform on stage with "JJ and The Cool Cats," a spin off of Josie and the Pussycats.

Will the "Brandy Bunch," a spin off of the Brady Bunch, perform with "JJ and The Cool Cats" and find the key to the zoo before it is too late? Find out during the performance Aug. 17 at 1:00 p.m. in Darien Art Center's Weatherstone Theater.