The students responsible for building a fuel cell car to compete in Shell's Eco-marathon were unable to participate in the competition after complications with their car.

In a letter sent out to sponsors, the team explained the decision to not travel to Houston to participate in the event was due to complications with the fuel cell and the team's desire to do more testing on the vehicle.

"The most important reasoning for the delay though, is that we feel that the car is in need of further testing and at this stage would not represent the caliber of work DHS is known for," the letter stated.

The Shell Eco-marathon is a yearly event that challenges colleges and high schools to build the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible. The event awards the team that travels the farthest distance using the least amount of energy. If Darien had competed, it would have been one of only two high school teams in the competition. The event is open to college and high school students.

The team also decided to delay its appearance in the competition because members didn't want to waste the money they raised on a vehicle that may not work.

"Rather than spend money on a chance the car will work, we have decided to wait and take a car we are confident will do well and better represent Darien in the Shell Eco Marathon 2012. We have felt delaying this year will give us the competitive edge that will help us succeed next year."

The Fuel Cell Team encourages sponsors to attend the energy symposium which will be held a the high school on April 27. During that time, people will have a chance to see the car and ask the team questions.