At its March 23 meeting, the Darien Board of Education voted to make Thursday, April 1 a regular instructional school day for students. Originally, that day was scheduled as a professional development day for staff without students present.

The decision to hold a regular school day on April 1 was the result of extensive discussion by Board members who examined several possible options for making up days lost to recent closure of schools due to the storm that disabled the town for three days.

In their deliberations, the Board considered the possibility of shortening the April vacation, holding Saturday sessions, using Good Friday as a school day, rescheduling the professional development day or simply adding all the missed days to the June calendar.

The only option eventually viewed as feasible by a majority of the Boards was the modification of April 1. Board members pointed out this one day change would have a positive affect on instructional readiness for Advanced Placement tests in May, and would be one less day to have to deal with the potential heat in June.

At its first meeting in April, the BOE will formally establish the Darien High School graduation date. This is the earliest point that the Board is allowed by state law to set a fixed date for graduation. As a result of the Board's decision, the administration anticipates that the professional development and last teacher work days for staff will be held on the two days immediately following graduation.