A unanimous vote from the Board of Selectmen will give senior members of the Darien Boat Club priority over boat slips and other services.

The decision, which was delayed from last week after three of the five selectman recused themselves because they were members, would change the way the club handles members who are on a wait list.

The club's current rules say applications for boat racks, berthing and other services are handled in the order the applications are received. However, there has been a degree of confusion surrounding the policy as the wait list continues to grow.

In a letter to the Board of Selectmen, the club's executive committee said they were fielding more questions from members who asked where they were on the list only to find out their names never made it on the list.

The issue centers around the misconception that by paying their dues, members are automatically put on the wait list. The committee said they continue to try to educate members, but the issue has yet to be resolved.

By changing the rules to prioritize members who have seniority, the committee said they would be practicing an approach that most clubs use. The committee also hoped the changes would cause members to give up some services they hold onto because they are afraid they wouldn't be able to get them back.

Before voting, Republican Selectman Jerry Nielsen said he didn't think the club would treat him differently if he voted in favor of the changes. Nielsen, First Selectman David Campbell and Republican Selectman Jayme Stevenson are all members of the club. Nielsen said the changes wouldn't benefit him and he didn't stand to gain anything by approving the change.

Before the change is finalized, the RTM will have to vote on the issue at their next meeting.