The Darien Book Aid is currently conducting its 2015 fund-raising appeal.

To meet its mission of “Improving Literacy and Education Worldwide,” Darien Book Aid is working to build a foundation of peace through the free distribution of books.

Founded in 1949, Darien Book Aid is a volunteer non-profit that distributes books to schools and libraries worldwide and to rural school districts and inner-city programs in the United States.

Last year Book Aid sent 28,895 pounds to 80 countries, including 12,822 pounds to local and domestic recipients. Recent recipients were in Mongolia, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Philippines, Bosnia, Nicaragua and Alaska.

This year’s Annual Luncheon included Patrick Ferullo, Joanne Leaman, Heather Ferullo, Iris Mix, Louise Foerester, Kitty Graves, Terry Fitzgerald, Anne Baltren, Sarah Baxter, Oscar Ruiz-Diaz, Elena Ruiz-Diaz, Harry McLachlin, Barbara Toole, Rick Littlefield, Patricia Parlette, Peggy Minnis and Margaret Smith.

Donations cover shipping costs, which are Book Aid’s major expense. Book Aid accepts credit card payments through Pay Pal at or by check to Darien Book Aid Plan, Inc. 1926 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820. Contributions are tax-deductible.