Developers Chris and Margaret Stefanoni declined to grant Planning and Zoning another extension for their Hoyt Street affordable housing development.

Since P&Z was denied the extension, the commission has until March 24 to make a decision on the development. However, P&Z Director Jeremy Ginsberg said the commission is ready to vote on the development.

"P&Z is meeting next week and I spoke to Commission Chairman Fred Conze and my sense is that they are ready to vote," Ginsberg said. "There has never been a time that I can recall when the commission failed to vote on something that is this important and this public."

P&Z faced a similar situation when the Stefanonis declined to grant an extension for their Tokeneke development. The commission ultimately denied the application in its original format.

In a letter addressed to Ginsberg, the Stefanonis explained their reasoning for not granting another extension. In total, the Stefanonis said they granted three weeks for the Tokeneke development and six weeks for the Hoyt Street development.

"These extensions were granted even though the Commission acted in bad faith during both initial public hearings by planning in advance to dramatically adjourn each of these hearings after just a few minutes without allowing us to present a single aspect of our application," the letters stated. "This resulted in the waste of our professional consultants' time who had to travel substantial distances to attend both these abbreviated public hearings as well as the time of the Town's professional consultants, whose cost we were required to pay by the very same Commission that knew in advance that the consultants' attendance at these hearings would be completely unnecessary."

The letter also addresses what the Stefanonis viewed as "bad faith" actions by P&Z to continue to request extensions.

"Any reserve of goodwill has been lost, not by our doing, but by the repeated bad faith actions and strategy of continual delay by the Planning & Zoning Commission, as well as the overall disrespect exhibited toward the affordable housing application," the letter said.

A vote on the Tokeneke affordable housing application will most likely take place during P&Z's March 22 meeting. The meeting is open to the public and scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.