A number of diseased hemlocks in Tilley Pond Park have been marked with notices for their removal after officials discovered the trees are diseased.

Parks and Recreation Director Susan Swiatek said the trees the trees are infected with the Wooly Hemlock Adelgid which devours the trees.

"There used to be a practice of spraying the trees with pesticides but we don't like to use pesticides anymore, especially in dense residential areas," Swiatek said.

The infected Hemlocks are across the road from the train station and should they fall, they would either fall into the pond or into the road, which poses a potential safety issue, Swiatek said.

The notices were posted on the trees as a courtesy to the public so that the department could gauge the public response to removing the infected trees, Swiatek said.

"We're not required to post notices, but we wanted to do it as a courtesy," Swiatek said. "We want the public to know that we don't take tree removal lightly."

After receiving some feedback, Swiatek said she will contact the tree warden and have further discussions and visit the site to determine how to best handle the situation.

"There has been tree removal at Tilley lately," Swiatek said. A number of trees that were dead or damaged by storms were removed, she said.