The town of Darien paving program for the summer is as follows:

Christie Hill Road, from Leeuwarden Road to Hollow Tree Ridge Road, Aug. 6 through 8;

Georgian Lane, from Christie Hill Road to Christie Hill Road, Aug. 6 through 9;

Christie Hill Road, from Middlesex Road to Top O' Hill, Aug. 7 through 9;

Robinson Street, from West Avenue to Belleval Street, Aug. 8 through 10;

Brown Street, from West Avenue to Belleval Street, Aug. 8 through 10;

Belleval Street, from Robinson Street to Brown Street, Aug. 8 through 10;

Red Cedar Lane, from Hollow Tree Ridge Road to terminus, Aug. 8 through 10;

Noroton Avenue, from Middlesex Road to Darien High School, Aug. 9 through 12;

Thomasina Lane, from Dubois Street to terminus, Aug. 9 through 13;

Fairfield Avenue, from West Avenue to Elm Street, Aug. 9 through 13;

Brookside Road, from OId Kings Highway North to Post Road, Aug. 10 through 14;

Buttonwood Lane, from Mansfield Avenue to Brookside Road, Aug. 10 through 15;

Leroy east parking lot, Leroy Avenue, entirety, Aug. 13.

Raymond Street, from railroad bridge to Tokeneke Road, Aug. 13 through 16;

Cliff Avenue, from Raymond Street to Tokeneke Road, Aug. 13 through 16;

Preparatory work will precede paving on all of the above roads. Dates listed above include milling and paving. Road surfaces will have raised structures during these dates. Public Works encourages drivers to avoid these roads if possible or use extra caution if you must travel on them.

The above schedule is based on favorable weather conditions. Emergency access will be available at all times. Town of Darien police officers will be on hand to direct traffic and assist area residents during construction. Driveway access will be limited during paving operations. However, no single driveway should be closed for more than an hour. On-street parking will be suspended during paving operations. Minor traffic delays are likely. Please plan your travels accordingly.

Call Public Works at 203-656-7346 for further information.

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