The Republican Town Committee recently listened to hours of interviews as they weighed each candidate's strengths and weaknesses to determine who they would endorse.

The Board of Education, Board of Finance and the RTC all seek candidates to fill vacancies as the current members' terms expire, or in the case of the RTC, members resign.

BOE members Morgan Whittier, Heather Shea and Chairman Kim Westcott are up for re-election. Westcott has previously stated her intentions to not seek a re-election bid after having served for nine years.

The BOF members up for re-election are Chairman Elizabeth Mao and board members Gwen Mogenson and Murray Stegelmann.

The RTC is looking to fill positions vacated by Chairman Harry Artinian, Treasurer Joi Reiner Gallo and members James Rickards and Victoria Smith. Last week Artinian issued a press release stating the retiring members chose to leave as a result of changes in their professional and personal lives.

During Wednesday's interviews, each candidate was given about 15 minutes to discuss their qualifications and explain why they wanted to serve in the capacity they chose.

Afterwards, the RTC members had the opportunity to ask any questions the candidates didn't address.

After the interviews concluded, the RTC voted to go into executive session to deliberate on which candidates would receive endorsements. A list of the endorsed candidates had not been released as of press time.

Any candidate who doesn't receive an endorsement may still petition to be on the ballot by collecting 25 signatures from registered Republican voters in town.

The Republican caucus is scheduled for July 21.

Stay tuned to for further details.